© Meg Noah 2012 Statistical Physics This course is a mix of thermodynamics and statistical mechanics.  One textbook was by Statistical Physics Mandl and the other was Thermal Physics by Kittel and Kroemer The homework was from both books. This was the course syllabus - shows what problems were assigned. Lecture 1 Macrosopic Properties, First Law of Thermodynamics Lecture 2 Second Law of Thermodynamics Lecture 3 Fundamental Postulate, Heat Bath, Partition Function Lecture 4 Gibb’s Ensemble, Entropy, Derivation of Boltzmann Equation, Diamagnetic and Paramagnetic Materials Lecture 5 Paramagnetic Solids in a Magnetic Field, Thermodynamic Potentials Lecture 6 Fundamental Thermodynamic Identity, Clausius Inequality Lecture 7 Helmholtz Free Energy, Gibb’s Free Energy, Third Law Lecture 8 Heat Engines Lecture 9 Refrigeration Cycles, Phase Equilibrium Lecture 10 Review Lecture 11 Going over exam Lecture 12 Phase Equilibium, Latent Heat Lecture 13 Heat Capacities of Solids Lecture 14 Heat Capacities of Solids, DeBye Model Lecture 15 DeBye Model, BB Radiation Lecture 16 BB Radiation Lecture 17 Thermodynamics of BB Radiation Lecture 18 Review Lecture 19 Review Lecture 20 Grand Canonical Partition Function Lecture 21 Ideal Gas, Bosons & Fermions Lecture 22 Classical Perfect Gas Lecture 23 Classical Perfect Gas, Maxwell Distribution, Density of States Lecture 24 Ideal Fermi Gas Lecture 25 Ideal Fermi Gas Lecture 26 Ideal Bose Gas, BEC Homework 1 Homework 2 Homework 3 Homework 4 Homework 5 Homework 6 Homework 7 Homework 8 Homework 9 Homework 10 Homework 11