© Meg Noah 2012 Solid State For solid state we had to write a paper and give a presentation. Mine was about the cloaking - negative index of refraction materials. Paper about NIMs     Power Point Presentation and the animation files needed to view it: PPT Animation 1    Animation 2 Animation 3    Animation 4 Animation 5    Animation 6 Animation 7 Some of the matlab files used to create the animations: WavePacketDoppler.m  WavePacektDopplerNeg.m       Some matlab routines: Computer Project 1 plot_KittelCh3Problem5.m plot_goldpermittivity.m plotFreeElectronEnergyInReducedZone.m Materials Lab The materials science laboratory had some homework and labs. Lab Report 1 Lab Report 2 Lab Report 3 Lab Report 4 Lab Report 5 Lab Report 6 process_raman.pl Homework 1 Homework 2 Homework 3 Homework 4 Homework 6 NaClPeakIntensity.m NaClPeakIntensity2.m phiII.m TiO2Rutile_PeakIntensity.m CaIIPhiII.m CaF2PeakIntensity.m Thin Film CNT For Dr. Kwon, in the Center for High Rate Nanomanufacturing, I did some modeling of thin film nanotube networks for characterizing their application in field effect transistors. Report about NT FETs PPT Animation 1   Animation 2 Animation 3   Animation 4 Animation 5   Animation 6 Animation 7 Another PPT about Carbon Nanotubes - just background information Report about density functional theory: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4