Classical Dynamics These are my solutions to some of the problems assigned in an undergraduate Classical Dynamics class at University of Toledo. The book was Classical Dynamics, by Marion (2nd edition). Ch2_NewtonianMechanicsSingleParticle Ch3_Oscillaitons Ch4_DrivenOscillations Ch5_OscillationsInMoreThanOneDimension more TBD... © Meg Noah 2012 Fluid Dynamics This class uses only the notes from the instructor’s website. My solutions to the midterm (not all right) are below: Midterm: Problem 1, Problem 2, Problem 3, Problem 4 Fluid Dynamics Project: For the project, I did a report about sea scallops. The YouTube video can be viewed by clicking the link below. The following matlabl files model the flight of sea scallops swimming: ScallopCharacterization.m ScallopClimb.m ScallopLevelFlight.m ScallopProject.m ScallopSwim.m ScallopTrajectory.m Scallop YouTube Movie Classical Mechanics This is the file I submitted for the final exam in graduate classical mechanics - never got a graded version returned: Final Exam